Everlit Survival was founded by a group of experienced veterans, joined by the vision of serving our community by hand-picking the best emergency preparedness supplies and getting them ready for all end users so you have all essentials packed and ready to go at any moment.

Emergency-supply checklists are abundant across the internet, but those lists can be intimidating in their breadth and specificity. Here at Everlit Survival, we are proud to carry a large selection of emergency preparedness products and putting our tactical experience into every product we design. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best supplies across the United States and work tirelessly to prepare you and your family for the unexpected and to safeguard your next adventures.

We listen, design, field-test, engineer, build, and optimize, to prepare you with the equipment for unexpected emergencies big and small. Our first aid kits are designed with an end state in mind, and are stocked with the highest quality gear that are ready to perform whenever you need them most.